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Upcoming birthday, graduation party, or reunion?

Synthesis Hall at Männiku Loomemaja is your party venue! 🎉🎊

Synthesis Hall is a party venue boasting an authentic industrial design. The dimly lit space is ideal for hosting events with a nightclub ambiance, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, themed party, or corporate function.

The party can keep going until dawn with music that never stops! Perfectly situated, the synthesis hall offers a prime location where the vibrant nightlife won’t bother the neighbors, even in the late hours.

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages. Unlike many venues that require the use of their catering and bar services, we offer the flexibility to select your preferred caterers and bartenders. A dedicated preparation room is available, and we can assist in finding catering and bar services if needed.

Our hall can host up to 120 guests, with the ideal party size ranging from 50 to 100 attendees.

The venue is equipped with lighting, sound system and furniture. The lighting setup includes 6 wall washers, 2 sea mines, and UV blacklight. Available furniture comprises round bar tables, square serving tables, benches, and chairs.

Easily reachable. Located within the city, Synthesis Hall is easily reachable via public transportation (buses 5, 33, 32) or taxi.

Complimentary parking is provided.

– Additionally, a 33m2 open studio adjacent to the party hall is available for rent as a backstage/relax area.


Friday and Saturday (18:00-02:00) – €690
Sunday to Thursday (18:00-02:00) – €510
Other Times – €50 per hour

Request a 25% discount for quick booking!

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